5 Tips for Photographing Your Listings

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1. Shoot against a solid background


A seamless white background is always best. A roll of smooth, white paper sold at your local art store, provide the best background to show off your product. If you can’t use a white background, shoot against a plain background that will complement your item. Natural, neutral and simple backgrounds work best.


2. Shoot in natural light


We don’t encourage to use flash since it can alter the colour in the image. To give your potential customer the best idea of the colour of your item, be sure to shoot it in natural light. This might need you need to position yourself near a window or even outside.


3. Clean your items


All vintage clothes must be cleaned prior listing, this means washing and ironing. Nobody is going to buy a crumpled up dress or shirt, so crack out the iron before you take your snaps. 


4. Don’t over edit


We want customers to be able to see the products as clearly as possible. Our rule of thumb for photography are to keep it simple and avoid excessive editing. Whilst that filter might look great for Instagram, it’s probably not right for marketplace. 


5. Include close-ups


If you’re selling an item with interesting details, be sure to shoot close-ups to add to your listing. Similarly, if your item has any small defects, be sure to highlight them and provide a close-up photograph.

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