How to Open an eMallFashion Shop in 4 Steps

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Ready to start selling on eMallFashion? To start selling on eMallFashion, you need to open a seller account.

Once your seller account has been approved by eMallFashion’s team, this step-by-step guide will take you through the next process, from choosing a shop name to opening for a business.


Step 1 Choose a Name

  • Choosing a shop name is the first step you will take for your shop on eMallFashion.
  • To create a shop name, login to your eMallFashion account: Marketplace -> My Profile -> SEF Keyword for Shop. Your shop name will be displayed at the URL or web address of your shop.
  • You can’t use spaces in your shop name. Every shop on eMallFashion is unique which means no two shop names are the same.
  • Don’t worry about making your shop name perfect, you still can change your shop name after you have opened your shop.


Step 2 Add Some Listings


Once you have picked your shop name, the next step is to create a listing for each product you want to sell in your shop. Please remember that eMallFashion requires a shop to list at least 10-15 products at all times and must list new products every 120 days.


There are details that you can add to your listings to help customers to get a better feel about your products.




We know that customers get inspired by beautiful photos, plus they help to build your brand identity and emphasises how amazing your products too.


Some tips when photographing your products:

  • Shoot in natural light or keep any artificial lighting as natural-looking as possible.
  • Show alternate angels of the products so customers can make an informed purchase. We recommend a product should have at least five photos, at least 1MB and portrait orientation.
  • Show any unique details of the products, such as colour and texture.


Product Name


What would customers search for to find your product? Think like a customer and use words and phrases that customers might use when searching for your product.


When customer searches on eMallFashion, the system looks at Product Name, along with Tags, and Product Categories. Use descriptive keywords to describe your product, including its material (leather, cotton, wool), colour (red, yellow, white), techniques (knit, embroidered), and uses (wedding, birthday, home décor, living).


Using descriptive keywords in Product Name such as “Black Embroidered Tote Bag” instead of “The Emily Tote Bag” and “Brown Kraft Paper Bag Small” instead of “Small Paper Bag” will help your listings appear in eMallFashion’s search and other search engines such as Google and Yahoo.  


Product Description


The description is your opportunity to provide customers with more information about the product. Here are some elements when writing an informative product description:

  • Include specific information such as a short story about the product, how the customers might use the product and why the product is appealing.
  • Clearly stated the product’s condition such as vintage.
  • Describe on what’s included and the type of packaging.
  • Include your return policy for domestic and international returns.


Product Tag


Search engines scan web pages looking for keywords to return in search results. Using tags, or keywords, can set your content apart from others and make it easier for customers to find. You can create your Product Tag and each tag can be a word or phrases. Phrases are better than single word. For instance, ‘mint green wallet’ instead of ‘mint’, ‘green’, ‘wallet’.


The more tags you enter, the more likely your items appear in a customer’s search.




Selecting your product price requires balancing between how much money you want for the product and what customers will pay for it. As part of your pricing strategy, you can research for similar products on eMallFashion to see what average price point is.




Similar to a physical store, your eMallFashion store categories are the shelves and aisles that let you organise and display your products to customers. By choosing the right category for your products, you’ll help customers to find your products in search results or when browsing category pages. For example, you can list a vintage chair from Japan under Vintage > Art & Collectibles.




eMallFashion team will help you to set up the shipping costs for your shop. The default shipping costs will be based on Australia Post’s shipping rates. If you prefer to use other shipping company, please contact us.


Add More Listings


Once you’ve created your 10-15 listings, adding more listings increases the chances of customers finding your shop. A full page of listings gives buyers more to browse and makes your shop look more professional.


Step 3. Get Paid


The last step you’ll need to complete before you can open your shop is information about your bank or PayPal account. eMallFashion uses this information so that you can receive fortnightly deposits of the money you’ve earned in your eMallFashion shop.


Step 4. Open Your Shop


Congratulations! Now you’ve ready to open your shop. Once your shop is open, customers will be able to find your listings when they search on eMallFashion.


You can view your shop by going to your new web address:[yourshopname] or you can login to your account Marketplace -> My Profile -> View Profile.


There’re more you can do to customise your shop but you’ve take the first step in running a business on eMallFashion. Keep in mind that every successful entrepreneur was once where you are, too. “Overnight success stories take a long time” – Steve Jobs.

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