Let There Will Be Light

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Like jewellery for your home, pendant lights give the rooms a perfect finishing touch.

Choosing the right pendant light can lift up the room atmosphere by becoming a stand-up feature and setting up the tone.


On the other hand, if you aren’t choosing it carefully, it can be an expensive mistake.


To help you find out the suitable light we have put together our collection of pendant lighting styles.




Casual, relaxed and with a hint of fun is one way to describe Coastal Pendant.

These pendants take on the tropical Bahamas vibe through the use of woven or rattan as its design.


The natural design and neutral tones enable you to incorporate them seamlessly into your coastal themed zone.






Industrial is currently topping the trend charts and transforming contemporary homes across the world.

The distinct element of the industrial style bring along with them practicality, simplicity and efficiency.


If you like the sleek, minimalist, no-fuss look in your personal spaces then industrial could be the way to go.

A couple of giant industrial lights above the kitchen island can also make a big visual statement without compromising on lighting quality.






There are lots of decor trends that tend to come and go but this glass pendant isn’t one of them.

The lighting effect you get from pairing this interesting looking pendant with light brings a touch of modern artistry to any room that can even look great in traditional settings.


When the glass pendants are hung together at different length from the ceiling, they will create an eye-catching sense of elegance.

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