Why Always Saying Yes Is A No-No

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It’s a two-letter word, yet it’s probably one of the most challenging in English language to actually say: “No.” You have to say yes to going to college, even if you haven’t decided on what you want to do with your life. Yes to accommodating a friend of a friend. You’re guilted into saying “Yes, I can come tomorrow”, despite a lingering feeling that you should turn it down, you end up smiling and saying, “Yes!” – and yes to everything.


Many of us have been raised to think that saying no is rude or impolite. While it can be impolite to be dismissive, a habit of saying yes to everything can lead to unnecessary stress that holds us back.


At first, saying no is hard and racked with guilt. We’re hardwired to want to help each other, so saying no doesn’t always come naturally. But you have to think on what you’re compromising each time you say yes instead of no.


If you’re tired of being a yes person, honesty is the best way to go. Making up excuses on imaginery appointments or sick relatives only creates a web of lies to negotiate. Your time is yours. There’s no need to complicate things or to make excuses and you don’t need to apologise for using your time as your wish.


“It’s only by saying no that you can concentrate on the things that are really important.” - Steve Jobs

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