Why Product Photography Is Important?

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Product images are the highlight of the eMallFashion experience and a critical part of optimising your sales – both on the marketplace and anywhere your products are being featured.


It’s important to show shoppers clean and clear visuals since they can’t pick up an item to inspect it. High-quality, outstanding product imagery and multiple views of an item give shoppers the confidence to buy. In fact, it’s the most important factor in deciding to buy, even more important than the shipping cost, customer reviews, or even the price of the item itself.


When creating a product listing, you’ll have the opportunity to add more than 1 image. Hit’em with your best shot first and lead with lifestyle images if you can. Great lifestyle shots are inspiring and help put your products into context, plus they’ve been proven to receive almost double the traffic. Additional images should show the details of your product, its size and scale and different angles.


If capturing beautiful photos of your products is difficult for you, you aren’t alone. Many creative entrepreneurs struggle with product photography, particularly when they’re first starting out. But if you want to sell online, product photography isn’t a skill that you can afford to ignore.


Please refer to some photography tips to help you to get started.

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