DIY: How To Trim Your Own Bangs

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Keep your bangs in shape without an appointment. 


Essential Tools: haircutting scissors and sturdy styling comb.


Step 1: Comb your bangs


Comb your bangs forward and pull the rest of your hair back into a ponytail. Your hair should be dry, otherwise you might trim too much. 


Step 2: Cut from the middle outward


Insert the comb underneath where your bangs to end and hold your scissors vertically, make tiny cuts into your bangs (directly below the comb). 

Starting at the middle of your fringe and working your way toward the outer left corner. Then, start back at the middle of your bangs and trim toward the right side.


Step 3: Trim the outer sides


Using the comb as your guide, hold your scissors at the 45 degree angle and gently cut into your outer left side of the bangs. You want them to be straight across your forehead and then gradually get longer toward the outer edges. To trim the outer right side of your bangs, follow the same steps. 


Step 4: Check to see if they’re even


Use your fingertips to check that your bangs fall where you want them to and make sure that they’re even. If not, repeat the steps above and check them again.

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