It’s Time To Get Your Glow Back

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Sometimes cleansing and moisturising just isn't enough. While we know that facial exfoliation is good for our daily skincare routine, the benefits of body scrub go beyond exfoliation.


A body scrub gently removes dead skin cells, dirt and oil from the outer layer of skin. It helps moisturiser to absorb better. It's a rich moisturising base which moisturises and soothes your skin as it's scrubbed. A body scrub can be really invigorating as well, improve the circulation of blood and lymph to the surface of the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and improve your skin tone.


To get the best benefits from a body scrub, it's recommended to exfoliate at least twice a week to slough off the dead skin cells and clear away buildup, always scrub in gentle circle and concentrate on tough spot areas like elbows, knees, feet and the back of the neck.


A Body scrub is a shower essential, it's one of the treatments that you can indulge at home. Applying a body scrub on a regular basis could be the best kept secret for a soft, smooth and silky skin

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