How To Write The Perfect Product Description And Get Found By Google

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important process of improving the visibility of your shop and listings in search engine results such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.


When you’re listing your eMallFashion item, there are factors that you need to pay attention in order to get the most out of SEO, such as:




Keywords are words that describe exactly what you are selling such as brand names and model. Keywords are also vital to use in your shop name and website name.


Think like a shopper: what words would you search when looking for your items or shop?


Listing Title


Listing title is a combination of keywords that specify what your item is all about. Think about keywords that shoppers would use to search for your product and include at least 1-3 important keywords or keyword phrases in your listing title. If you have similar items, ensure that each product title is unique.


Listing Description


Include at least 160 words in your listing description, be sure to describe your item well using keywords and provide details about the item. Remember to use other content best practices, such as the frequent use of keywords where relevant and formatting (e.g. bold, italic, keyword phrases or using capital letters on certain keywords)


About Store


Fill your About Store. This will tell the search engine all about your shop, from items that you are selling to the return policy.




Use the Profile section to provide visible content about yourself, your shop and items.


Your profile page is a great place to include link to your eMallFashion store. Internal linking help pass link authority from one page to the next, giving search engines signs that pages are also related or grouped.




Don’t be shy about self-promotion, but don’t go overboard. Use your eMallFashion blog to promote your shop and include the link to your eMallFashion shop.


Search engines like to show results that are relevant and interesting, therefore, the number and quality of links to your eMallFashion shop is important. If you know sites that are seeking content and guest blog posts, volunteer to put your content on other people’s sites. You want people to be writing about your shop and listings, as well as linking to your eMallFashion shop. This helps search engines know that people are interested in your content. 

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