How To Throw A Successful Potluck

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The potluck event can be a wonderful event, everybody brings one dish to share and you end up with a feast. It also can be a difficult affair for host and guests. What if the dishes clash? What if everyone brings pastas?


Whether you’re the host or a guest, think about these etiquette rules which will help to make it a happy experience for everyone that’s attending.


For Host

  • The secret of a great potluck isn’t good cooking. It’s careful planning. As you begin to organise the potluck, use a sign-up sheet to break down the meal into different categories of contributions. For example, get four people on dessert, four people on drinks and four people on main dishes.
  • Keep your guests in the loop with dietary restrictions or allergy. If you know some people can’t eat certain food, it will be nice to inform other guests about this so that they can consider this as they prepare their dishes.
  • Don’t forget cups, plates, utensils and napkins. Unless you ask people to bring them, it's your job to make sure they're on hand.



For Guests

  • If you’ve agreed to bring a main dish, don’t show up with a dessert instead.
  • Bring a small tent card to place by your dish to inform guests what’s in your dish. It will help guests with food restrictions.
  • No double dipping please - you shouldn’t dip your chips again in the dip, sauce after you bite it.
  • Only take leftovers unless they’ve been offered to you. It’s always nice to offer them first to your hosts.


What are some of your favourite dishes to bring to a potluck event? 

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