How to select a good doormat

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The entryway is where your home makes its first impression on visiting guests and it’s also the first space to greet you every time you come home. Laying down a good doormat isn’t only the best way to protect your floors, it’s also an easy way to instantly make your foyer look organised and pulled together.



Doormat is also your home’s first line of defence against all the dirt and moisture that might come from wet boots and shoes. It’s important to consider a doormat material and size in relation to where it will be used.


Where the doormat will be used

If the doormat is going to be used in an outdoor area, pick a mat made from weather-resistant materials such as waterproof coconut fibres or woven seagrass, which are highly durable and ideal for busy indoor-outdoor areas.


Mats made from fabrics (like cloth) are best used for indoors, think of these mats as “transitional” as their job is to catch any lingering debris, not to scrape off all the dirt and they don’t stand up well to the elements over long periods of time.


Doormat surface

For doormats used by outdoor entrances or high-traffic areas, look for doormats with textured surfaces, these will help to whisk away even the most stubborn mud.



Check the size

Like other furnishings, doormats come in many sizes and shapes. It’s important to choose a doormat that’s wide enough to cover your door at least by 80%. Keep the thick mats for outdoor use to avoid getting stuck when we open a door.


Clean mats

A clean mat will trap more debris and dirt, so clean doormats as often as possible. For most indoor mats, all you have to do is shake them out or put a vacuum to them. If it’s plastic fibres, wood or rubber, simply hose down the mat and air dry it.

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