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How do I open a store on eMallFashion?

To open a store you must apply to become a seller here. You must have a bank account or PayPal account before selling on eMallFashion.


Do I have a contract with eMallFashion?

You are not tied into any formal contract with eMallFashion.


What are the store features?

Each store has an editable feature that allows you to build your own branded area within eMallFashion. Stores can have as many images per product which creates a great opportunity to showcase all aspects of the item. Stores have their own blog, which is great for engaging and inspiring customers while telling them more about their collection. Stores products are featured onsite and across our social channels.


What are the criteria for having a store?

A store must have at least 10-15 product listings at all times. A store must list new products every 120 days and must provide customer service which meets eMallFashion standards such as prompt replies to customers within one day and items must be shipped within two working days following payment. Your storefront should represent your brand and what you are selling in your store.


How do I customise my store?

Login to your seller account. Go to Marketplace > My Profile, you can then customise the various elements such as logo, banner, short profile about you and about your company.


How do I get noticed on eMallFashion?

The best way to get noticed on eMallFashion website is to ensure that you have the best images for your products and store profile. Great images get featured around the site as we want to present the best to our customers.


Customers are more likely to shop from a store that is trustworthy and offers great service. Ensure that you maintain great customer service and keep your feedback rating as close to 100% as possible


How do I change the name of my store?

To change the name of your store, you need to login to your account Marketplace > Profile.


You need to change the SEF Keyword for Shop and Company Name.


Please note that when you change the SEF Keyword for Shop, your store pages and products listing will have new URLs, please make sure to update any links on your personal website and social media.




What can I sell?

  • Your own design or label
  • Clothing and accessories from other brands
  • Vintage clothing and accessories


Can I sell real fur?

We do not permit to sell of fur or endangered animal skin in eMallFashion. We require our sellers to guarantee that leather products do not come from endangered species and produced ethically without cruelty. We do not allow vintage furs or exotic skins on eMallFashion.




How do I show an item that has different sizes available?

For items that are available in different sizes, you can list those as part of a single product listing and manage the stock of each.


For items with different styles (e.g. short sleeve t-shirts and long sleeve) and different colours you should complete a separate listing.


Why I can’t upload my photo?

The ideal image size is 1Mb and above. The website won’t allow to upload image size less than 1MB. All images are portrait orientation.


What is Seller Vacation?

If you’re shutting down over Christmas, off to the seaside or simply need a little break from your shop, you can easily turn on “Seller Vacation”.


Seller Vacation is to be used when you are taking some time away from your store so that you can communicate to your customers that you are taking a break.


To put your shop in Seller Vacation, go to Marketplace -> Seller Vacation. Enter the dates when you’re going to be away and a brief message to notify customers while you are away.


While your store is in Vacation Mode, you can choose whether or not to allow customers to buy your items during this period.





Why would I use a coupon?


Coupons are used for the following reasons:

  • Discount items that are currently trending.
  • Reward returning customers by creating a coupon to send out with your orders.
  • Create a coupon code especially for people in your social networks. You could send a code to anyone who re-tweets your link or shares something on Facebook.
  • Approach your favourite blogs with a discount code especially for their readers in exchange for a little coverage on their site.
  • Create a coupon code for anyone you meet at vintage fairs, trade shows and weekend markets and include the code on any flyers or business cards.


How does a coupon work?

You can generate a coupon by login to your account, Marketplace > Seller Coupon. You can give the coupon in term of percentage or dollar amount, total minimum purchase, and allocate the coupon code to specific product. You can also specify how many times a coupon code can be used per person or specify how many persons that are entitled for the coupon codes.


Can I delete a coupon code?

Yes, you can disable or delete coupon codes at any time. If you think you will use the previous coupon code again, you can enable it. If you delete a code code entirely, you’ll have to create the code again.




How do I add items as special offers?

You can add items as Special Offers by login to your account, Marketplace > Add Product > Special. Under Special tab, you can specify the price of the special offers, the start date and end date.




How does a discount work?

The Discount allows you to sell more of an item and at the same time gives your buyers greater sales as they purchase more. For example, the current retail price for a red t-shirt is $15, with the Discount applied buyers pay $10 when they purchase 2 of the red t-shirts.


You can add items as Discount by login to your account, Market Place > Add Product > Discount. Under Discount tab, you can specify the total purchase quantity that must meet in order for to receive Discount Price, the Discount Price, the start date and end date.




How much does it cost to have a store?

  • Opening a store at eMallFashion is free.
  • eMallFashion charges 6% of transaction fee / comission fee from the sale price when the items sells. The transaction fee and transfer fee (When Applicable) from your card provider will be deducted prior transferring your earning. The pay cycle for earning transfer is every 2 weeks.


What’s PayPal Fee?

Each store at eMallFashion uses PayPal for its online payment system. PayPal charges a fee to the seller for its online payment service. Please refer to PayPal’s website for more details on this PayPal Fee

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