How To Clean Brass Jewellery

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Brass jewellery is a metallic alloy made up of zinc and copper. It has an attractive and unique look and can be a great accent to casual or formal outfit. When it comes to any jewellery, they'll look their best when they're sparkling clean.


Brass jewellery attractive sheen may become tarnished over time, however some of the jewellery owners prefer the patina of tarnished brass since the tarnish can give the jewellery an interesting look. If you prefer the shiny look, there are several ways to safely clean brass jewellery using household items that can be found in the kitchen.


Water and soap


This method works very well for brass-plated jewellery. To know if the jewellery is pure brass or brass-plated, test the jewellery item by seeing if it sticks to a magnet. If it does, it's most likely brass-plated.


First, make sure to plug the sink to avoid dropping the slippery jewellery down the drain. If there's a lot of dirt, soak the jewellery in the small bowl with warm water and soap for five to ten minutes.


Under water, gently scrub the jewellery with a soft cloth or a soft bristled toothbrush. Dirty particles that are caught inside the crannies should be lifted away from the surface of the jewellery. Rinse it off and let it completely air dry.


Always use a mild dishwashing detergent to avoid damage on the metal. Also note that using scented or specially formulated soaps can leave a film that can ruin the brass sheen.




Apply a moderate amount of ketchup onto the brass jewellery or a cloth. Rub the ketchup over the jewellery surface focusing on the areas covered with tarnish. Rinse it off and buffed it with a dry cloth. This process can be repeated to reach the desired shine. When done with rinsing, the jewellery can be buffed with a dry cloth.


Lemon juice


Dip a soft cloth or soft toothbrush into a little lemon juice and rub it onto the jewellery in circular motion. It's important to remove all the lemon juice from the jewellery since the acidic juice can actually damage the brass if it’s left on for too long. Rinse it off, dry it with a cloth and let it air dry if there’s small crannies that may still contain water.




Create a cleaning paste by mixing 1 teaspoon of salt, 1/2 cup of vinegar and flour in a bowl. Rub the jewellery with a soft cloth or toothbrush that has been dipped into the vinegar paste. Rinse it off and let it completely air dry.



  • Brass-plated jewellery should only be cleaned using a basic method with soap and water. Avoid using strong detergents or other cleaning solutions since they could damage the jewellery.

  • Antique brass jewellery should be appraised before using any types of cleaning solution. The tarnish on the jewellery can actually adds value and giving it a nice buff or dip in a cleaning solution could reduce that value.

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