Shout "Aloha" To The Hawaiian Shirt

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You might know them as Hawaiian shirts, but in Hawaii, they go by another name: Aloha shirts. Ellery Chun is considered the creator of the modern Hawaiian shirt in 1930s. Hollywood embraced the shirts with Frank Sinatra and Montgomery Cliff wearing them in 1953 movie classic, "From Here to Eternity". Since then everyone from Elvis Presley to Tom Selleck has been captured on film wearing these shirts.


Featuring flamboyant designs and loud colours, Hawaiian shirts often associated with beach and tourist wear in Hawaii. The tradition of wearing the shirts on Aloha Fridays in Hawaii introduced the concept of "casual Fridays" to the rest of countries.


How to wear Hawaiian shirt 


Hawaiian shirts are actually acceptable clothing for formal events all over Hawaii. For office look, choose a more understated print or colour Hawaiian fitted shirt and pair it with dark chinos. In term of the shoes wise, anything that isn't sneaker style. If you're going for casual look, pair it with shorts and sandals. Do not tuck in your Hawaiian shirt, it meant to be worn out and wear it with pride. It's an icon of island style. Hawaiian shirts aren't just for men, women's Hawaiian shirts usually have a lower cut, v-neck style and they can be pair with a skirt.


Say goodbye to boring old t-shirts and shout "Aloha" to the Hawaiian shirt.

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