Photography Guide

To improve your chance of selling, special photography rules apply for all Sellers on

Boutique Logo:

For Boutique Seller: the minimum dimensions of the boutique logo you can upload to your boutique profile are: 200px X 200px

Product Images:

Your product images should have minimum of 800 X 800 pixels and square dimension.

You can have additional product images aside from your main profile shot - these images have the same size and dimension, but can include close-up and studio shots to better show-off the detail of your item.

Photography Guide Do Don't
Where to take the photos Do take your photos inside or outside with well-lit natural daylight, modelled on a person / mannequin. Don't take your photos in the dark room.
How to shoot Do show a close up of the items being worn. Don't shoot the item flat or laid on the table.
Keep the photo clear Do make sure your photos are clear.

Don't use blurry images.